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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Lhamo 14Year 8th

She has interest in reading books, poems and proverbs as she believes in proverbs. She like green and white colour and English is her best subject.

She want to become a nurse because she found career as meaningful.

Gold 08 11489
Ngawang Choedak 14Year 7th

He loves to play almost all the games but he loves football the most. His favourite subject is English.

He strongly wants to become a footballer as he has found that capability and potential in him.

Gold 08 11426
Tenzin Tseten 13Year 7th

Loves playing football, doing exercises to keep healthy and reading English story books during free time.

His aim is to enroll in army after graduating class 12. He has strong passion to become a army as his late father and grandfather were in army before. He knows its hard but still wishes to go in this line.

Gold 08 11434
Lobsang Thinley 9Year 2nd

He likes to learn swimming. Playing badminton and table tennis is his hobby.

His aim is to become a Bus driver.

Gold 02 4130
Lobsang Wangchuk 15Year 9th

Lobsang like reading horror stories during spare time.

While we talked with him regarding his future career, he wish to become wild life researcher in future.

Silver 02 2778
Tenzin Dolma 10Year 4th

Tenzin Dolma is interested in reading books during free time.

She wanted to become a Vetenary doctor.

Silver 02 3886
Tenzin Chepa 10Year 5

He is interested in football. He is mostly seen on football ground during free time.

He wanted to join army in future.

Silver 02 3894
Jigme Dhondup Gurung 15Year 4th

interested in football and criket. She also likes to reak books.

He wanted to become a mathematics teacher.

Silver 02 3897
Karma Pasang Lama 11Year 4th

Besides academic line he is interested in playing football. During weekend and free time, he and his friends are seen on school football ground.

He wanted to become a Tibetan Teacher in future.

Silver 02 3899
Pasang Nuru Sherps 10Year 2nd

Apart from normal school schedule he is interested in playing cricket and watching cartoon movies.

When we asked about his furture goal, he replied that wanted to become a teacher.

Silver 02 3901
Kunchok Namgyal 14Year 6th

like most of other boys, he is also enjoys playing football.

Since, he is not sure about his aim. He wanted to join Army future.

Silver 02 3923
Ishey Chodol 14Year 6th

He like playing skipping with her friends and reading books.

She wanted to become a doctor.

Silver 02 3924
Sonam Chosphel 12Year 4th

Since most of boys like playing foot and Sonam Choephle is one of them.

He has aim to become a Social Science teacher.

Silver 02 3925
Tsering Chosphel 14Year 6th

He is sportive child and he is likes playing football and cricket

He wanted to become a English Teacher.

Silver 02 3926
Eskit Dolma 12Year 4th

She is Interested in listening Tibetan songs and she sing quite well.

As per her interest, she wish to become a song and dance teacher in future.

Silver 08 3928


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