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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Supportsort descending Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Stanzin Chosgain 9Year 2

He is interested in playing with remote control cars. He is interested in learning all the games.

For strange thing, when we asked him about future goal. He said; he wanted to become a pilot if not a driver.

Ashish Kumar 11Year 3rd

He is interested in playing football, basket ball, cricket , badminton and volleyball.

He wanted to become a monk if not a Tibetan Teacher and serve his own community.

Tsering Dundup 10Year 3rd

He likes to play football and table tennis. He likes reading books and watching movies. His best subject is Mathematic.

He wanted to become a Mathematic teacher and work in his village school.

Arun 10Year 3rd

He is very interested in playing football after school and holidays. He also likes reading Tibetan books. Science is his best subject.

He wanted to become a doctor or science Teacher.

Suman 12Year 2nd

She wanted to play skipping with her friends during holiday.

She wanted to become a nurse and serve her own village.

Anil Kumar 12Year 4th

Football and Basket ball is his favourite game. He likes reading books fighting. Math and Science are his best subjects.

At very young age, it is difficult to tell the exact goal for future. But we just asked what he want to do when he grown up. He said; he want to build buildings and bridges.

Tenzin Choekyi 5Year Kindergarten

She likes to operate all the phones and likes speaking in it.

She wants to become a Doctor as one of her cousin sister is working in some hospital and she gets to hear lot about such things.

Gold 03 7575
Tenzin Lhakyi 5Year Kindergarten

Playing with kitchen toys and playing the role of mother whenever she plays in characters with her friends.

She wants to become like a mother who runs the home with all her efficiency.

Gold 03 7568
Tenzin Chorab 4Year Kindergarten

He likes Playing with electronic toys and the toys of Hospital equipment's like stethoscope, syringe etc.

As he likes the smells of Tibetan medicines so, when I asked for his aim he said, he wants to become a Tibetan traditional doctor called as Amchi in Tibetan.

Gold 03 7578
Tenzin Kunzay 5Year Kindergarten

Kunzay likes playing swings and see-saws. And playing with colours by putting all of them on the drawing book brings a great joy for her. .and she also likes playing a doctor patient game with her friends and kunzay always enjoy playing a doctor role so that she can play the role of injecting the patient.

And so, she said, she wants to become a doctor.

Gold 03 7598
Tashi Tsomo 17Year 9th

Tsomo likes reading Tibetan story books and participating in the school games competition. She is a sporty girl and active by nature.

Tsomo wants to become an Accountant in the future and she wanst to join commerce stream later in the higher studies.

Gold 03 6028
Tenzin Ngawang 16Year 8

He loves swimming the most among the games and he keep his mind occupy with the books when he gets free time.

He wants to become an Army, but he said; he don't have any exact aim for while.

Gold 08 11395
Tenzin Dorjee 13Year 7th

He is interest in playing football and he reads book when he gets free time.

He wants to become a good science teacher as he has found deep relationship between the science and the human being.

Gold 08 11470
Chokyi Nyima 20Year 9th

His favorite pastime is playing football.When he was in Class VI, his teacher asked him to start learning football, he was much sure of his abilities and the skill that he has, he became interested in the game. A most of his friends were attracted to his football skill these days. Since then, he has been playing football with group of his footballers friends. With constant practice,he improved his football skills and now capable of competing with each other. When a class wise match was held, he scored a hat-trick while playing . he wish to become professional footballer.

He doesn't have any special ambition but sure like to keep in touch with football games. One day, he like to be part of Team Tibet dreams to play for his country and make his friends and the parent feel proud of wearing team Tibet jersey. He knows that he could not serve the nation through his education but surely through this football game.

Gold 04 4586
Nyima Bhuti 19Year 9th

She is fond of reading poems, books, and love playing basketball. He likes blue and black in color. His favorite subject is Tibetan.

Her aim in life is to become a good nurse and to serve the community.

Gold 08 11472


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