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Photo Name Age Gradesort descending Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Dawa Tashi 17Year 10th

Dawa is good in Tibetan and he always leads the school prayer, likes reading Tibetan books and newspapers. His interest on Tibetan language has made him good in reading prayers and so, has become the one who leads before starting the prayers by all together in the assembly or in the hostel during all prayer routines. .

He sees himself becoming a Tibetan teacher in the future. .

Gold 03 5972
Rigzen chosphel 18Year 10th

Chosphel has a huge interest in capturing the beautiful things around in camera that made him to join the photography club and he is enjoying a lot having the opportunity to click in every school occasions. Besides, he likes reading newspaper, comic books and spending time alone.

His interest in photography grown his passion on it and so he wants to become a Photographer as there is blend of his passion and the career scope too.

Gold 03 5751
Tenzin Jampa 18Year 10th

His favourite game is basketball. He loves playing basketball and reading comics during free time. His best colour is white and Bruno Mars is his best singer.

He wishes to go on professional line after graduating +2. And his aim is to become a good photographer.

Gold 08 11027
Tenzin Tseyang 10Year 10th

She is interested in drawing and painting.

She wanted to become an Artist in future.

Silver 02 4044
Kunga Sonam 20Year 11th

We can find kunga mostly on the ground playing all the time. He is gifted in sports and so, He is good in it and participates in school athletics. And he is average in studies.

His Aim is to become a physical Instructor. He sees there is better scope in this career with the blend of his interest and the strength he has in it …. the scope on this is career looks more positive.

Gold 03 5210
Tenzin Kalsang 7Year 1st

She is an excellent student who loves going to school. Her favorite subjects are English and Tibetan. Kalsang hobby is watching TC and like very much to watch TV in her free time. She generally used to watch discovery channels including animal planet on TV and also watch good cartoons which give her new and creative ideas to write cartoons and paint it. She still remember that when she was just around 4 or 05 yrs old , she generally like to spend spare time in gardening and playing with Barbie dolls.

She likes to become a caring and professionally a good nurse. she has decided to be a good nurse so that she can serve her parent and most importantly to other person as a whole with her good care and be a nice and charming personality to her patients.

Silver 04 6941
Stanzin Chosgain 9Year 2

He is interested in playing with remote control cars. He is interested in learning all the games.

For strange thing, when we asked him about future goal. He said; he wanted to become a pilot if not a driver.

Tenzin Choeying 8Year 2

This young boy is so passionate about playing football. Gardening is also his favorite time pass and to pour water on flowers too. Whenever his parent came to meet him, they always provide him a delicious momo where he can have plates of momo with his friends. He always feel comfortable wearing jeans and short pant.

He likes to become engineer and wants to serve the world becoming electric engineering. Knowing the fact that engineer student need handwork and patience, he is ready to face and over come the challenge to become am engineer. His ambition came into interest when he saw a discovery channel displaying about the different science materials .

Silver 04 6992
Lobsang Thinley 9Year 2nd

He likes to learn swimming. Playing badminton and table tennis is his hobby.

His aim is to become a Bus driver.

Gold 02 4130
Pasang Nuru Sherps 10Year 2nd

Apart from normal school schedule he is interested in playing cricket and watching cartoon movies.

When we asked about his furture goal, he replied that wanted to become a teacher.

Silver 02 3901
Suman 12Year 2nd

She wanted to play skipping with her friends during holiday.

She wanted to become a nurse and serve her own village.

Tenzin Phuntsok 8Year 2nd

He has interest in watching cartoonn and reading books which has an illustration with the cartoon.

He doesn’t have any specific as he is not able to understand what he wants to become.

Silver 08 11295
Tenzin Lotey 6Year 2nd

As most of boys, he is also interested in playing football.

Actually he is very young to tell he goal, but when we asked him about his future aim. He replied he wish to become a driver.

Silver 02 3990
Dorjee Youdon 9Year 3rd

She likes reading books and to learn swimming. She also likes to play skipping with her small friends.

She wanted to be a nurse and to help the sick people in her village.

Ashish Kumar 11Year 3rd

He is interested in playing football, basket ball, cricket , badminton and volleyball.

He wanted to become a monk if not a Tibetan Teacher and serve his own community.



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