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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Chewang Jikmath 10Year 3rd standard

He is interested on playing football, cricket , basket ball and swimming during free time. He also likes reading story books. Most of time he used to go at school library after class hour.

He wanted to become an English Teacher and serve his community.

MinduTsering 8Year Second standard

Loves playing football and cricket with his friends during free time. He is also fond of watching cartoon serial like POKYMON and reading short English story books. His best colour is red.

Actually he is too small to think of future at the moment. When I asked him what he wants to do in future. He said, "I want to become a business man".

Gold 08 11428
Dorjee Youdon 9Year 3rd

She likes reading books and to learn swimming. She also likes to play skipping with her small friends.

She wanted to be a nurse and to help the sick people in her village.

Tenzin Sherpa 17Year 9th

He is interested in reading any kind of story books and play basket ball with his friends. He also loves singing and playing guitar. His best singer is "One Direction"

He wishes to do Computer Engineering after class 12. He has strong interest in computer technology. He also thinks of serving our Tibetan society in the future.

Gold 08 11392
Tenzin Jampa 18Year 10th

His favourite game is basketball. He loves playing basketball and reading comics during free time. His best colour is white and Bruno Mars is his best singer.

He wishes to go on professional line after graduating +2. And his aim is to become a good photographer.

Gold 08 11027
Stanzin Chosgain 9Year 2

He is interested in playing with remote control cars. He is interested in learning all the games.

For strange thing, when we asked him about future goal. He said; he wanted to become a pilot if not a driver.

Ashish Kumar 11Year 3rd

He is interested in playing football, basket ball, cricket , badminton and volleyball.

He wanted to become a monk if not a Tibetan Teacher and serve his own community.

Tsering Dundup 10Year 3rd

He likes to play football and table tennis. He likes reading books and watching movies. His best subject is Mathematic.

He wanted to become a Mathematic teacher and work in his village school.

Arun 10Year 3rd

He is very interested in playing football after school and holidays. He also likes reading Tibetan books. Science is his best subject.

He wanted to become a doctor or science Teacher.

Suman 12Year 2nd

She wanted to play skipping with her friends during holiday.

She wanted to become a nurse and serve her own village.

Anil Kumar 12Year 4th

Football and Basket ball is his favourite game. He likes reading books fighting. Math and Science are his best subjects.

At very young age, it is difficult to tell the exact goal for future. But we just asked what he want to do when he grown up. He said; he want to build buildings and bridges.

Tenzin Woeser 7Year one

She loves skipping and cycling in the morning because she said it keep her active whole day. She loves to play with a doll during free time.

She is too small to understand the aim for her future, but she said that she love making different dresses for her doll.

Silver 08 11445
Sonam Dorjee 8Year 3rd

He loves to play to football and loves spending time with his dear ones. His favorite animal is panda because she said " I love the combination of black and white color".

He said he wants to become a scientist as he loves do experiment.

Silver 08 11386
Tenzin Zomki 12Year 8th

she has interest in reading books, playing any games and she loves cooking. She reads story books during leisure time.

Her aim in life is to become an Architect or an Engineer because we don’t have any successful architect or engineer in Tibetan. So, she wants to do something different.

Silver 08 11439
Tenzin Dolkar 13Year 8th

She has keen interest in dancing, singing, and sometime she reads story books during her leisure time.

She wants to become a good story writer. As she has gone through many books, she has gain interest in writing creative story.

Silver 08 11512


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