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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Tenzin Yiga 10Year 5th

She looks jolly but has a soft heart. Her favorite subject is English and hardest one is Social science. She is not ambitious girl and modest by nature. Reading books is her hobby during the leisure time. She is interested to play Tibetan musical instrument like Dranyen and Flute. She also likes to participate in inter house cultural competition showing her musical skills that she learned.

Her dream of becoming English teacher found very attractive and want to serve the society to become a good citizen. Being teacher is always her ambition and to be a ideal teacher too.She like to serve people by becoming a good teacher. She also feel that good teacher is the builder of the nation and will try her best to guide the students ass used be as a students. She likes to be sincere, punctual, and hardworking. he hope and believes to become a good Tibetan teacher.

Silver 04 5854
Tenzin Kalsang 7Year 1st

She is an excellent student who loves going to school. Her favorite subjects are English and Tibetan. Kalsang hobby is watching TC and like very much to watch TV in her free time. She generally used to watch discovery channels including animal planet on TV and also watch good cartoons which give her new and creative ideas to write cartoons and paint it. She still remember that when she was just around 4 or 05 yrs old , she generally like to spend spare time in gardening and playing with Barbie dolls.

She likes to become a caring and professionally a good nurse. she has decided to be a good nurse so that she can serve her parent and most importantly to other person as a whole with her good care and be a nice and charming personality to her patients.

Silver 04 6941
Tenzin Gawa 12Year 6th

His favorite hobby is playing football in spare time. After completing his work at home, he generally spends most of his time in playing football. He was so interested to play football from his childhood however started learning to play well when he was 10 yrs old and used to play football with his friends and now he really enjoy playing football and participate in the Inter class competitions. He wants to continue playing football and his parents always inspire him to continue his hobbies and always advise him to keep concentrating on studies though enjoyed football.

Gawa likes to become a businessman and like to be a successful too. He wants to make a lot of money and live a happy and fun living life . After that, he likes to help his family and help the poor and needy people around him. When ever he saw a high profile businessman , he always dream of himself and want to set an exemplary to rest of his friends and family. He also likes to inspire other Tibetan youngster to achieve and be a gentle man too.

Silver 04 5853
Kunga Sonam 20Year 11th

We can find kunga mostly on the ground playing all the time. He is gifted in sports and so, He is good in it and participates in school athletics. And he is average in studies.

His Aim is to become a physical Instructor. He sees there is better scope in this career with the blend of his interest and the strength he has in it …. the scope on this is career looks more positive.

Gold 03 5210
Dawa Tashi 17Year 10th

Dawa is good in Tibetan and he always leads the school prayer, likes reading Tibetan books and newspapers. His interest on Tibetan language has made him good in reading prayers and so, has become the one who leads before starting the prayers by all together in the assembly or in the hostel during all prayer routines. .

He sees himself becoming a Tibetan teacher in the future. .

Gold 03 5972
Dechan Dolkar 14Year 5th

Dancing is in her nerve…she enjoys Tibetan dancing and she is must interested in sports and she is in the school athlete team and also likes reading Tibetan story books.

Dechen sees herself as Tibetan teacher in the future as her best subjects is Tibetan.

Gold 03 6015
Pema Tashi 11Year 5th

Pema is an interactive girl, she likes being with friends most of the time. She likes Skipping, reading books. She visits the library often and enjoys reading different types of books.

She is helpful by nature and always there to help whenever in need. She wants to become a Doctor in the future.

Gold 03 6349
Rigzen chosphel 18Year 10th

Chosphel has a huge interest in capturing the beautiful things around in camera that made him to join the photography club and he is enjoying a lot having the opportunity to click in every school occasions. Besides, he likes reading newspaper, comic books and spending time alone.

His interest in photography grown his passion on it and so he wants to become a Photographer as there is blend of his passion and the career scope too.

Gold 03 5751
Tenzin Tsogyal 5Year Kindergarten

Tsogyal finds very much an enjoyable time playing with the toy cars. Making sound of the car by himself while dragging the car here and there. And so the toy planes carrying in one hand and running all over as if the plane is taking off. ..

when we asked about his cute little aim in life, he said, he wants to become a pilot and fly over different places.

Gold 03 7541
Tenzin Choerab 4Year Kindergarten

Unlike other regular children, choerab has a different interest, he likes to get in the real car and very much fascinated about how driving is happening… he wonders how the man is driving and feels really enjoyable being in the car seeing the man who is driving.

so, he wants to become a cute little Driver.

Gold 03 7555
Tenzin Choezom 5Year Kindergarten

Watching cartoon and playing.outside with friends. He likes to be outdoors.

She wants to become a teacher.

Gold 03 7664
Tenzin Norsang 5Year Kindergarten

she likes playing with dolls and toys and playing football also.

she is such a cute little chubby girl and contrary to this she likes to become a soldier...

Gold 03 7573
Tenzin Lhakyi 5Year Kindergarten

she likes playing with dolls and electronic toys and singing is also one thing she is fond of… and so scribbling on papers

she wants to become a driver.

Gold 03 7576
Tenzin Lhudey 5Year Kindergarten

lhudey is fond of real driving and that made him very much interested in playing with toy cars .

His father drives the army vehicle and he gets to see his father driving and so, he said, he wanted to become a driver.

Gold 03 7569
Kunga Namgyal 4Year Kindergarten

Putting thread into the beads and running around most of the time.

She is not willing to disclose her secret aim..

Gold 03 7602


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