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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Pema wangdi 12Year 7th

Besides school hour, he love playing football and reading animal books.

He wanted to become a mathematic teacher

Silver 02 3937
Lobsang Gyaltsen 11Year 4th

He is mostly seen on foot ball ground during free time. He is interested on football and basket ball.

When we asked him about his wish in future. He said, he wanted to become pilot.

Silver 02 3948
Tenzin Tseyang 10Year 10th

She is interested in drawing and painting.

She wanted to become an Artist in future.

Silver 02 4044
Stanzin Norzom 14Year 6th

She is interested in drawing and ice skating.

She wanted to become an Astronaut.

Silver 02 Stanzin Norzom
Tenzin Choesang 11Year 4th

He likes to play football and basketball .

In future he wish to join Army.

Silver 02 3975
Karma Wangta 11Year 4th

He likes to play football and cricket during free time.

I am happy to share you that, he want to become a doctor in future.

Silver 02 3979
Nyima Tenzin 12Year 5th

During free time, he loves play football and Table Tennis.

He wants to become a doctor.

Silver 02 3982
Jigmet Dorje 13Year 5th

He is interested in playing football and reading books.

Jigmet Dorje's aim to become a become an engineer.

Silver 02 3987
Karma Lotey 10Year 4th

He is interested in playing football during leisure time.

Apart for other subjects he is good in maths and also he wants to become a Mathematics teacher.

Silver 02 3988
Tenzin Lotey 6Year 2nd

As most of boys, he is also interested in playing football.

Actually he is very young to tell he goal, but when we asked him about his future aim. He replied he wish to become a driver.

Silver 02 3990
Tenzin Dorjee 11Year 6

he is interested in playing football and basket ball.

He has big aim, he wanted to become an astronaut.

Silver 02 3860
Tenzin Choeying 8Year 2

This young boy is so passionate about playing football. Gardening is also his favorite time pass and to pour water on flowers too. Whenever his parent came to meet him, they always provide him a delicious momo where he can have plates of momo with his friends. He always feel comfortable wearing jeans and short pant.

He likes to become engineer and wants to serve the world becoming electric engineering. Knowing the fact that engineer student need handwork and patience, he is ready to face and over come the challenge to become am engineer. His ambition came into interest when he saw a discovery channel displaying about the different science materials .

Silver 04 6992
Chokyi Nyima 20Year 9th

His favorite pastime is playing football.When he was in Class VI, his teacher asked him to start learning football, he was much sure of his abilities and the skill that he has, he became interested in the game. A most of his friends were attracted to his football skill these days. Since then, he has been playing football with group of his footballers friends. With constant practice,he improved his football skills and now capable of competing with each other. When a class wise match was held, he scored a hat-trick while playing . he wish to become professional footballer.

He doesn't have any special ambition but sure like to keep in touch with football games. One day, he like to be part of Team Tibet dreams to play for his country and make his friends and the parent feel proud of wearing team Tibet jersey. He knows that he could not serve the nation through his education but surely through this football game.

Gold 04 4586
Tenzin Yangchen 6Year 9th

As a girl, she loves playing with barbie dolls .She always carry barbie when she go to bed. She is also interested to learn tibetan Dranyen and want to become perfect Dranyen musicians. Though she started learnig Flute but felt Dranyen is more easier and more interesting to play. She always get practise and use his music period learning it.

She says that music is extremely important in her life to be a great musician.

Silver 04 6929
Jigmey Thinlay 12Year 7th

Loves to play Football and indulges in playing football every Sunday along with his friends. He also loves arts and painting but he his not perfect too. So, he keeps on practicing and writing when ever he got time after the class. He also loves to play toy car when he was in junior school and still he is fond of enjoying it with his cousin brother Dhaka who is younger than him. He started learning to play cricket as his cousin brother used to play much better than him and they always enjoy the game after the school hours end.

His aim in life is to become a good and noble doctor. He knows that becoming a doctor is not a very easy and has long journey of study to become a good doctor. But his dream to become a doctor will accomplish if he works hard . When he become a doctor, he wants to treat the poor patients without fees and distribute free medicines to them as much as he can. He also feels doctor should be nice and very charming personality that he already have now.

Silver 04 6441


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