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Photo Name Age Grade Interests Ambition Support Br. Code Roll No. Add to Card
Tenzin Lobsang 10Year 4th

He loves watching Television especially cartoons and he loves watching tom and Jerry because he loves the tricks of Jerry.

He said right now he has many aims in life but he is not sure which aim suits him the best.

Silver 08 11511
Tenzin Phuntsok 8Year 2nd

He has interest in watching cartoonn and reading books which has an illustration with the cartoon.

He doesn’t have any specific as he is not able to understand what he wants to become.

Silver 08 11295
Tenzin Rangdol 11Year 7th

He loves playing games especially football and table tennis because he said " I am very health conscious"

He wants to become a good footballer.

Silver 08 11393
Sangey Wangmo 8Year OC

She loves to play outdoor games with her friends and she loves swimming during summer and that too with her younger sister.

She is not having any aim right now but it looks like she is a good swimmer.

Silver 08 11505
Yangchen Dolker 12Year 8th

Her hobby is to read books and she loves the spring season a lot as she said "Spring season gives peace and relief to me"

She want to become a good nurse because she wants to serve the Tibetan Community.

Silver 08 11399
Tenzin Namdol 8Year OC

He loves to play to pay football and he loves to mingle with his close friends but he said " I don’t speak much to unknown people"

When i asked him about his future goal. He doesn't have any.

Silver 08 11448
Tenzin Tsultrim 6Year Kindergarten

He is fond of playing with the toy car and he loves playing hide and seek.

He doesn’t have any specific aim right now.

Silver 08 11468
Tenzin Jangchup 14Year 7th

His hobby is playing football. He has made many friends who is good to him as he is a frank and friendly boy. He loves spending time with his friends.

He wants to become a good footballer because he found that capability in him.

Silver 08 11030
Tenzin Woeser 11Year 5th

He is fond of painting during leisure time. Apart from this, he love to play football and badminton.

As he says, he love painting and he wants to become a famous painter.

Silver 08 10950
Tenzin Dakpa 10Year 4th

He is interested in playing football during spare time. When we asked him, what else he like, he said; he love to eat fruits because he loves to keep himself healthy.

He has no any speicfic aim right now.

Silver 08 11459
Tenzin Ngawang 16Year 8

He loves swimming the most among the games and he keep his mind occupy with the books when he gets free time.

He wants to become an Army, but he said; he don't have any exact aim for while.

Gold 08 11395
Tenzin Dorjee 13Year 7th

He is interest in playing football and he reads book when he gets free time.

He wants to become a good science teacher as he has found deep relationship between the science and the human being.

Gold 08 11470
Tenzin Namdol 9Year OC

He loves to play football and he loves going for cycling to keep himself fit. His favorite color is red and he found English as his favorite subject.

He said he don't have any specific aim right now.

Silver 08 11436
Nyima Bhuti 19Year 9th

She is fond of reading poems, books, and love playing basketball. He likes blue and black in color. His favorite subject is Tibetan.

Her aim in life is to become a good nurse and to serve the community.

Gold 08 11472
Migmar Kalung 18Year 9th

She loves reading story books and she spends most of her time in reading books. Her favourite colour is black and blue.

She wants to become a doctor and wants to dedicate herself for the Tibetan Community.

Gold 08 11488


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